Nordisk Film Cinemas – Payment kiosk and self-service

Egmont is the owner of Nordisk Film Cinemas; they are the biggest cinema chain in Denmark and Norway. Currently they have 207 cinema halls; all are equipped with modern technology and a high level of comfort. Every year the 39 cinemas receive between 9-10 million visitors; they come to enjoy the entertainment and companionship with family. Nordisk Film are continuously working on developing their cinemas to ensure the technology is up to date. They have installed a Rosendahl self-service cinema kiosk.

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Denmark and Norway’s biggest cinema chain, Nordisk Film Cinemas welcomes up to 10 million visitors per year. It is possible to see the newest movies in one of their 207 halls, all of them optimized continuously with the newest technology and a high level of comfort. Outside the halls, the cinema is also keeping up to date. They integrated a self-service payment kiosk from Rosendahl in cooperation with Kiosk IT.

With our payment solution, it is possible for the visitors to skip the ticket booths queue, and pick up or buy tickets directly on the payment kiosk. To pick up a ticket you can enter a code on the kiosk, that you receive when ordering, or you can scan a QR-code. To buy a ticket you choose the movie you want to see, afterwards you pay with your credit card. The POS-kiosk have an integrated card reader and pin pad.

With up to 10 million visitors per year, we are sure with this smart payment solution, we give the cinemas a better flow and less queue by the ticket booth. We are happy to have been part of developing this solution with Nordisk Film. It is an obvious possibility for lots of different industries, where there is a need for an easy, fast and reliable self-service payment kiosk.