Hotel La Cigale – Interactive kiosk as a digital reception solution

Hotel La Cigale is a valued 5-star hotel in Tunisia. It is one of the leading hotels in the world, and is one of the most esteemed 5-star hotels in Tunisia. With top class restaurants, bars to an indoor pool, a state-of-the-art gym and spa and the most prestigious meeting and convention facilities. Their 248 enormous rooms all with a dedicated steward, which results in a truly unique experience. La Cigale have installed interactive reception kiosks to inform the guests about all their fine facilities and activities in the city.

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Salg og Projektledelse

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Hotel La Cigale in Tunisia have recently installed reception kiosks in their hotel. The hotel is very prestigious and there is a certain standard to achieve. Furthermore it is a 5-star hotel, this proves they ensure their guests and visitors the highest service and facilities. To provide even more service for the guests, they have installed digital reception kiosks in the hotel, so the guests can see what events and activities are in the area, or in the hotel.

For information and displaying the different activities in the hotel, they have installed our wall hanging digital signage. So the guests can explore the different activities and search, they have installed interactive touch screen kiosks and our interactive table solution, FlexiTableElo.

We are very proud to have been chosen for a project of this caliber, since we know it requires a unique and beautiful design. As our interactive kiosks compliments the hotel, the hotel also compliments our interactive touch kiosks. They are located centrally in the hotel, where the customer current is.

We can provide many more hotel solutions in the area of information kiosks and help hotels with the task of informing their guests.

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