HELSINKI HOSPITAL – Registration and wayfinding kiosk

Hospitals in Finland are currently installing self-registration and digital receptions, making it easier for the visitor. Furthermore, it is a wayfinding solution, so the visitor can find instructions how to find the right location on the hospital.

Salg og Projektledelse

Salg og Projektledelse

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In Finland, in cooperation with our Finnish Partner, we have installed good solutions to the Finnish Health Care-sector. Our partner is the biggest supplier to the Health Care-sector in Finland of Digital Solutions, and we are very proud of being one of their partners.

Their digital receptions, self-registration and with a wayfinding system, they deliver a very professional solutions, which all visitors use. After scanning your personal ID the information kiosk informs when the visitor have a time, and ask if you want to be shown the way to the waiting room. The route to the waiting room is available to download to a smartphone by using a QR-code on the kiosk.

The software acting with our handicap friendly solutions results in a good tool, which works very well on the hospitals. We deliver a height adjustable digital kiosk, which everyone can interact with.

See the solution live in this Youtube video. Be aware it is in Finnish.