DOKK1 – Library & Citizen service

Aarhus’ Library and Citizen Service DOKK1 chose Rosendahl solutions to communicate their messages to the visitors in DOKK1. There are thousands of visitors every day in the library. DOKK1 is not just a library, it is a history of our culture and creativity, a monument to show the world, what modern Danish design is.

Salg og Projektledelse

Salg og Projektledelse

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On Aarhus dock, you will see a very beautiful and modern building. A building made to mark the cultural side of Aarhus. It is Aarhus’ big new public library and public service, DOKK1. There are options to park your car in an automatic parking house. On the library, held public events, such as events for children and many lectures. You are guided to the parking house and the message about the different events, are communicated to the visitors. To communicate their message, DOKK1 uses Rosendahl solutions. We are very proud to have been allowed, to be part of such a big project, where 65 information monitors are installed to inform all the visitors about all the events, lectures and other informations. In the parking house, the outdoor digital signage helps people find the parking spot. Our solutions communicates the message in eye sight.

DOKK1 has in under a year already had over 1.000.000 visitors, around 3.600 visitors a day. People do not only visit the library to take part in events or lectures, but also to study or relax in the many luxury facilities that are available. There are around 25 events every week, that is free for the visitors of DOKK1. Rosendahl is very proud to have been part of this project.