Customised Solutions

Regardless of the industry you work in, Rosendahl can help you with monitor/kiosk solutions in all sizes. For indoor, outdoor and touch solutions. With our kiosk you secure a high quality, user friendliness and a Danish produced design, that match your need.

Rosendahl can design the signage, with a payment systems, printers, card scanners, keyboards, track ball, touch monitors, webcams and much more.

In a close cooperation with you as a customer, we will find the right combination of your requirement for digital communication, that support your company’s need and strategies.

The opportunities with our solutions are many and developed to continuously. It is exactly with you as a customer, that we find the needs that must be met, and customise the most optimal solution.

With over 10 years of experience we are ready to guide you in all aspects of a project, from design and choice of solution.


Get your ideas and needs made a reality in close cooperation with us.


Danish design which support your company and strategies.


We strive to deliver a solution for you, that is reliable 24/7.